Good day delegates, welcome to the UNHCR Committee in the 8th edition of MaMUN. The topics that we will focus on include the “humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya Muslims" and the “violence against Afghan refugees in Pakistan.” These are very interesting topics, and therefore, a lot of participation and a productive debate is expected. I am Zain Ul Abidin Qureshi, and will be co-chairing in the committee with Ghita Himmi. I have been a part of MUN since the last two years, and have attended three conferences all as an ambassador and delegate. MUN is inarguably the best way to know about international issues and debate on them, and what would be better than to attend the most anticipated MUN conference of Morocco? My main goal as a chair would be to ensure that our time in the committee is spent in the most productive manner possible, and that cannot happen without your full dedication and participation. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you.


Ghita Himmi


 Topic B

"Addressing violence against Afghan refugees in Pakistan" 


My name is Ghita Himmi and I am a senior at RAS. I have been a part of MaMUN since 2015, as staff, DSG, PGA and now as a Chair, as well as a part of 2 other conferences as a delegate and chair. I hope you are all prepared to have for a constructive debate and of course to have some fun! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and learning about you, too. If you have any questions before the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me through the secretariat email. See you all in January!

Topic A

"Addressing the humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya Muslims"

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Zain Ul Abidin Qureshi

Deputy Chair