Oussama Chaabi

Deputy Chair 

 Topic B

"The maintenance of political stability in DR Congo" 



My name is Oussama Chaabi, currently a senior at Rabat American School and your next Special Political co-chair. In my own experience, MUN has always represented a medium through which I could fully express my ideas and put into practice my debating skills. So far, I have participated in 6 conferences including international ones and I thus believe I have gained a holistic and complete approach to the way MUN works. However, it is the first time that I have the honour to chair a committee. In this sense, I hope that my fellow chair and I will put in place an environment in which you will thrive socially but more particularly, intellectually. It is with great delight that we are preparing the needed elements to make your experience with us as pleasing and educating as possible. Please, do contact me if you have any inquiry as I am looking forward to meeting all of you in January!

Aya Soulimani


Hello delegates,

My name is Aya Soulimani and I am a senior attending the American School of Marrakesh. Having previously served as the delegate of Israel in IMF, delegate of Venezuela in the Legal committee and ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic in the Human Rights committee, I am thrilled to serve as your chair in the eighth addition of Maroc Model United Nations.  Model United Nations has always been a pre-eminent component of my high school career. Through participating in fruitful debates, I was able to boost my confidence and develop my analytical skill when coming up with practical solutions to critical world issues. Model United Nations has also given me the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and form long lasting friendships. As your chair, I hope, with the help of your extensive research, to guide you through fruitful and heated debate towards sustainable solutions. I also hope to make this year’s MAMUN a memorable conference for you. 

 Topic A

"The question of the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan" 

SPECIAL POLITICAL  and Decolonization Committee