Topic B

"Assisting increasingly vulnerable refugees in Libya" 


My name is Walid El Aynaoui, and I am glad to be part of the chairing team of the 2017 MaMUN conference. I have been an active participant ofthe this conference for the past two years. For my first year as a MaMUN member, I was logistics staff and I got to discover the different aspects of committees as I was lucky enough to move around and assist to many different debating topics in each committee while doing my job. The same year, I decided to participate as a delegate in the Tangier MUN conference. This was my first experience as a delegate, with a country that was truly involved with the topic I was assigned. This allowed me to speak a lot during my first time as a delegate. Then, the year after that (2016), I participated as a delegate in MaMUN and felt more comfortable as I had already some experience on the previous Tangier conference. This year, I decided to enhance my MUN experience and move on to being a chair. I think that this will not only hep me acquire more experience in the MUN circuit, but it will also help me develop my work ethic and time-management, as being a chair requires more effort and work than being a delegate.

Dear delegates and ambassadors,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to this upcoming Maroc Model United Nations conference. I am Amal Berrada, a senior at RAS, and will be your chair in the Human Rights committee along with Walid Roudani as a deputy chair. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity of moderating debates regarding global priorities in response to the increasing human rights violations our world is currently facing and which are directly linked to the pressing issue of climate change. It is with great interest and eagerness that I look forward to witnessing such impactful decisions being made between all of you, in an environment of respect and optimism, used in a positive manner in order to overcome the unavoidable challenges you will encounter. May you have any questions or concerns, please address


Walid El Aynaoui

Deputy Chair 

 Topic A

"Stabilizing the human rights situation in the Central African Republic" 

Amal Berrada