Topic A

"Coordinating economic growth and environmentally sustainable industrial development in rural China." 


 Topic B

"Achieving sustainable industrial development in Bangladesh with a focus on waste management" 


Akane Inoue

Deputy Chair 

My name is Akane Inoue and I am a senior at the Rabat American School. It is an
honor and pleasure to be chairing the UNIDO committee in this edition of MaMUN. This will be my 6th MUN conference, having attended conferences in both Morocco and overseas, and my first time chairing. Being a shy person, MUN has been a place where I can take risks and speak in front of a large group of people and learn to hold my ground when there are opposing views. With every conference, MUN has allowed me to improve on my public speaking skills and confidence as I interact with different people with different backgrounds who come together to achieve one goal: to debate to find solutions to pressing issues in the world. I hope that there will be lively, fruitful debate and that you will all gain from this experience as I have in MUN.

Anna Theresa Schneider


Hello delegates,

It is my pleasure to be serving as this years UNIDO Chair. I am a junior at RAS and have been a participant of the RAS MUN Club for 3 years. This will not be my first MUN conference; I have participated three times as a delegate in TangierMUN and one time as a delegate in MaMUN. In MAMUN last year, I had the opportunity to chair in the Legal Committee.MaMUN is a great opportunity for students to take roles as delegates and take part in discussions to create solutions on the worlds most pressing issues. I am excited for the fruitful debate and enthusiastic participation from all the delegates! Please, do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions at