Head Chair: Ghita Himmi

Deputy Chair: Zain Ul Abidin Qureshi 

At MaMUN, students represent the perspectives of countries or, on some of our smaller committees, historical individuals, cities, publications, and other entities. Based on the committee placement, students will then discuss and try to resolve issues ranging from security to economics to education.

Head Chair: Najem Abaakil

Deputy Chair: Yassine Abaakil


Head Chair: Jessica Trollip

Deputy Chair: Nick Hamman

Head Chair: Majd El Rifai

Deputy Chair: Abdul-Hakim Seid

Head Chair: Anna Theresa Schneider

Deputy Chair: Akane Inoue

Head Chair: Mariam Al Mansouri

Deputy Chair: Neil Dylan Sebti 

Head Chair: Amal Berrada

Deputy Chair: Walid El Aynaoui

Head Chair: Da Young Kim

Deputy Chair: Omar Nejjar

Chair: Mehdi Benani Smires

Deputy Chair: Lina Benani Karim

Head Chair: Aya Soulimani

Deputy Chair: Oussama Chaabi

Head Chair: Raphael Zurita

Deputy Chair: Aïda Yedean