My name is Abdul-Hakim Seid Ahmed, I am a Sophomore attending Rabat American School, but I'm originally from Ethiopia. It is my honor to serve as your Vice President of the I.C.J. this year. I had my first delegate experience in the Environmental committee in Tangier 2016. I I have also served as a delegate in disarmament committee in the MAMUN 2017. . However, I believe that my best experience was in the PS-MUN in Athens, where I won best delegate award as the ambassador of Hungary. I worked for countless hours researching, adding amendments, lobbying to achieve that title, and I feel it is my duty to pass down this knowledge to new members of MAMUN MMXIII. Needless to say, I have the solid expertise in public speech and debate. I believe in the philosophy of improving yourself through time by the experiences of both yourself and the experiences of your peers. This year, I hope to further my experience by serving as a chair. I hope to make this year full of fruitful and constructive debate. You can contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.


 Topic B

The Iran-Turkey-Europe Pipeline 

 Topic A

Golan Heights water dispute 

Abdul-Hakim Seid

Vice President of the ICJ

My name is Majd El Rifai. I am a senior at RAS, currently participating in my third MAMUN. I began my journey as a delegate in the human rights committee, and progressed to become vice president of the ICJ, and will this year serve as the court's president. I have dedicated the majority of my MUN time in MAMUN or in outside conferences as a member of this court due to the unique style it has. If done right, the flow of the debate is quick, and skips some of the formalities of debate to enhance the actual discussion. Although challenging, proper preparation from all advocates leads to a fulfilling experience where one improves all aspects of his/her debating skills. I hope that, with the help of my vice president, the panel can work together in a harmonic way to guide you in what will be a learning experience for all of us.

Majd El Rifai

President of the ICJ