Nick Hamman

Deputy Chair 

​Disarmament and International Security  Committee 

Hello Delegates,
My name is Nick Hamann, I am a junior at the Rabat American School and it is an honor to be serving you in the 8th edition of the Maroc Model United Nations. I have participated as a delegate in the past two MAMUN conferences, and the Tangier MUN conference. It is my goal as a chair of the Disarmament committee to moderate the debate and make it a pleasant experience for all of you. I have the feeling that this year will be a special MUN year as the topics are getting more interesting, the amount of delegates is increasing, and most importantly, it is fair to say that the delegates are taking this conference very seriously, with great determination. Having said that, I am as equally determined as you are to be your chair. See you at Disarmament!

Dear future delegates of MaMUN MMXVIII,

My name is Jessica Trollip. I am 17 years old and I currently attend the Rabat American School as a senior. Model United Nations is a very important part of my life and an amazing opportunity to be a part of. Throughout my MUN career, I have attended six Model United Conferences, three as a delegate in the Economic and Social Committee, in the Special Political Committee, in Environmental Committee. Two as chair of both the WHO committee, and Security Council. MUN is an unforgettable, and enriching experience that everyone should obtain. I am honoured to be chairing the Disarmament Committee alongside my co-chair, Nick Hamman. We are looking forward to a successful conference and I hope to have fruitful, productive, and successful committee sessions. Best of luck!

 Topic A

"Countering the illicit flow of small arms in Mexico" 

 Topic B

"Considering the security threat posed by North Korea's development of nuclear weapons." 

Jessica Trollip